Kitchen Design

At YVCM we have resourceful designers to help you design a kitchen to suit your individual needs. Our design team can help you whether you are unsure of what you require, or if you know exactly what you want. Understanding the basic concepts of kitchen design is important in gaining an efficient, practical and pleasant working area. We often find plans drawn by others are very generic and have unusual cupboard parameters due to limitations in their design and set cupboard sizes. At YVCM our unique CNC machinery allows us to customise our cabinets for every job concisely and quickly without a high end price tag attached, so your not “stuck” with pokey little cupboards that you can’t use.

It is also really important to understand your design and layout, please ask your designer if you are unsure about any aspects of the design. It is much easier and cost effective to revise any discrepancies before the kitchen is manufactured.

The process involved in creating your new kitchen from order to installation, is quite involved, speak with your designer for the current lead/waiting times.

An average size kitchen will generally take a qualified tradesman one day to fit, we highly recommend that you have your kitchen installed. It is important to consider that you will be without a working kitchen for awhile, many clients set up their laundry space as a make shift kitchen during the renovation. You need to allow time for the removal of the existing, possible minor structural work, co-ordinating trades, installation of the new kitchen and over the next couple of days, plumbing and electrical work. If your kitchen has stone bench tops and glass splash backs you need additional time added.

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