Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a new kitchen cost me?

Without a doubt the single most asked question by nearly all clients is, “how much”? However as you can imagine, all jobs vary widely depending on size, style, materials, accessories, appliances and type of project being undertaken. A small kitchen with expensive finishes may cost more than a larger kitchen with more economical choices. We consider ourselves to be a mid-ranged price company who focus greatly on service and quality and will be happy to guide you through the pricing options.

What do I do with my old kitchen?

Prior to installing their new kitchen, many people attempt to sell their old version. Whilst this is not a service we offer, many clients find if their cabinetry is in reasonable condition and generally less than 20 years old, with appliances working, instead of simply throwing it they organise to sell it, and buyer to remove. Not only will you get some extra money to go towards your new kitchen, but you will also save the cost of having to remove the existing cabinetry and hiring a skip. Check the Trading Post or EBay etc. for what people are asking.

What if I think my kitchen only needs a facelift?

We find that many people initially feel that a face lift would be quite acceptable instead of a whole new kitchen. Consider however, that a kitchen is basically only made up of 3 components – bench tops, doors and carcasses. Virtually all face lifts will involve changing the bench tops and doors and yet the cheapest component, the carcasses, will be left behind. This means that the ability to add drawers, improve the pantry and change the overall design even subtly will be hampered due to the restrictions of keeping the existing carcasses. Face lifts generally incur high labour costs and unfortunately what you may save in one area, will be added to in others. For these reasons, we do not do facelifts, but please consider that a whole new kitchen will probably be a better option and in comparison to a face lift, more economical than you may think.

How do I care for my new kitchen?

Upon installation, YVCM will supply you with some general information on the care and maintenance of your new cabinetry; we also suggest if you are unsure about the care of your product the individual company ie Polytec, Caesarstone, Blum, Laminex etc will have specific care instructions suited to their individual products, we suggest you take the time to read this information to obtain the most from your new Cabinetry.